Get to know the Green Market

Our house has 44 flats and a number of common rooms where we regularly want to spend time together cooking, being creative, playing, tending our gardens or to simply hang out and relax.

Welcome to “Wohnen im Grünen Markt” (Green Market). We are glad that you’re interested in our co-housing project.

We are a colorful community. Families, individuals, with lots of different interests and talents. We want to shape parts of our life and our environment together.
Our house has been built in a new, exciting area of Vienna, close to the Hauptbahnhof (main station). There will be a park, a boulevard with cafés, offices and cultural places for everyone and there are also going to be some other co-housing communities there.

The ‘Grüne Markt’ stands for sustainability, tolerance, creativity and openness for new ideas. Our house is a lively space and supports diverse concepts of living.

We moved in in August 2019, and we enjoy our new way of life very much. All flats are taken. But if you are interested and want to be put on the waiting list, don’t hesitate to contact us at for more information!).

Hard facts

Are you interested in living in a co-housing project? Let us present some key facts about our housing project:

  • We use Sociocracy as our organisational structure (find more information in English on The Sociocracy Group’s site)
  • We count on our members to contribute about 10 hours (on average) community work per month (eg. organisation, finance, gardening, cooking, events, etc.)
  • The house is owned by the building cooperative „Neues Leben“ (engl.: New Life)
  • Neues Leben charges:
    • monetary resources (german: Eigenmittel) of € 700,- / utility value (German: Nutzwert, approximately equal to the number of square meters) of your apartment – refundable upon moving out
    • a rent of € 11,62 / utility value of the apartment you choose per month (not including heating and electricity)
    • a joining fee of € 360,- per tenant
  • We (the co-housing society „Wohnen im Grünen Markt“) ask for financial contributions of:
    • a joining fee of € 2500,- per adult member. Among others, we pay our architect with that, and compensate the huge amount of work done by earlier members.
    • € 2700,- per adult member to equip our common rooms
    • € 40,- per month per adult member to rent the common rooms exclusively, and for access to the internet
  • The flats have no kitchens pre-installed.

Get in touch!

Please drop us a line at if you want to come visit us or for any questions! We will make time to meet you, see the house and talk about all the details.